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About Vocal Support

Vocal Support for Minnetonka Choir was created to support and promote the choir programs of Minnetonka public schools in order to keep children and adults engaged in our choirs. Vocal Support is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

The mission of Vocal Support for Minnetonka Choir is to provide visibility, communication, and support for the choral music program across Minnetonka schools with resources that ensure growth and development for all students.

The objectives of Vocal Support for Minnetonka Choir are to:

  • Grow Minnetonka school choir programs, increasing levels of participation by students in Minnetonka school choir programs
  • Increase engagement and involvement in Minnetonka school choir programs by students, parents and members of the community
  • Promote visibility of the vocal music program and its benefits
  • Provide a communication link between directors and parents
  • Provide financial assistance for choral programs and student participation
  • Assist in the facilitation of choral activities

Financial Information:

  • Funds are acquired through membership dues, fundraising, and voluntary contributions from club members and interested members of the community.
  • Funds are managed by the Treasurer; the Treasurer has custody of the funds, makes authorized disbursements, and keeps full and accurate account of all receipts’ and expenditures
  • Funds are used to enable group activities and achieve its objectives


  • Membership is open all adults
  • Dues: minimum $25.00 annually

Executive Board:

  • The Executive Board consists of 5 elected officers plus additional elected directors, a total of at least 10 but not more than 15 members
  • Five officers of the Executive Board include: president (1 year term), two vice-presidents (1-year term), secretary (2-year term), treasurer (2-year term)
  • Staff of Minnetonka schools music departments may be appointed as consultants to the Executive Board, but are not eligible for board membership
  • Executive Board elections are held in the Fall. Terms begin January 1. Elections are open to all members.
  • The secretary and treasurer will have alternate terms (i.e. begin and end one year apart)

2015-2016 Vocal Support Board Members:
Shelly Horst (President)
Nancy Henke (Vice-President)
Chris Gimse (Treasurer)
Randa Schuster (Secretary)

Jennifer Belz (Grants and Scholarship coordinator)
Julie Campellini (new board member)
Gia DesLauriers (website, photographer and visual arts coordinator)
Liza Garces (“Caroling @ Cast and Cru” coordinator)
Andrew Holmberg (marketing committee member)
Scott Horst (marketing committee member)
Steve Lutz (new board member)
Lori Peterson (future membership/fundraising coordinator)
Linda Schwefel (membership/fundraising coordinator)
Jon Wiersum (marketing for “Caroling @ Cast & Cru”)


  • The Executive Board meets at least eight times per year on the third Tuesday of the month
  • Meetings of the full membership will be called periodically during the year

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